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‘Top 10 Stories’ de Imuno-Oncologia de 2018

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O site Immuno-Oncology News fez uma cobertura diária de descobertas importantes, tratamento em desenvolvimento, ensaios clínicos e outros eventos relacionados à imunologia do câncer ao longo do ano. Foram publicados no site os 10 artigos considerados mais importantes pelo público 2018. Veja a lista:

No. 10 – “Early Data Supports Phase 3 Trial of Pegilodecakin as Possible Treatment for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer”

No. 9 – “Switchable’ CAR T-cell Therapy Kills Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Cells in Mice, Study Reports”

No. 8 – “Keytruda-Epacadostat Combo Fails Primary Goal in Phase 3 Trial for Melanoma, Companies Announce”

No. 7 – “New Guidelines Aim to Help Doctors Recognize, Manage Side Effects of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors”

No. 6 – “Immunotherapy Candidate M7824 Effective in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients, Phase 1 Trial Shows”

No. 5 – “Keytruda Slows Liver Cancer Progression in Phase 2 Trial”

No. 4 – “New Dosing Schedule Allows Patients to Receive Opdivo Every Four Weeks”

No. 3 – “Cancer Cells Can Flood Bloodstream with Protein ‘Warriors’ Against Immune Response, Study Finds”

No. 2 – “FDA Approves Opdivo for Certain Patients with Advanced Small Cell Lung Cancer”

No. 1 – “Keytruda Beats Chemo at Increasing NSCLC Patients’ Survival, Phase 3 Trial Shows”


Saiba mais: https://immuno-oncologynews.com/2019/01/02/top-10-immuno-oncology-stories-of-2018/